Our CDA children always bring a smile to our faces!

Dr. Charley Cheney, III
pediatric dental office

What should I expect at my child’s 1st visit?

Our team strives to make his/her first appointment at our pediatric dental office both pleasant and positive experience. This includes visiting with our dental friend “Allie,” allowing them to see the cool tools that Miss Holley and Dr. Cheney uses to help them keep beautiful smiles. We do not use words such as pull, drill, needle, or hurt as it may cause unnecessary fear. We use similar words that are more pleasant and non-upsetting. Our goal is to gain your child’s trust as we do with ages from our young patients to our young at heart.

pediatric dental office

What do I do during my child’s visit?

We welcome our parents to join us in the treatment room so they can participate in their child’s dental education. We have some parents who allow their child to be seen independently and some that join us in the treatment room. Should you have any questions or concerns, please let us know ahead of your visit.